New Products

V-Works 24 is said to delivers uniform condensation heat transfer to the single component rework environment. Permits use of absolute limits of maximum temperatures and small delta at peak temperatures. Comes with 24" x 24" working envelope, split mirror and camera vision system for aligning components; on-board recipe storage; touch-screen operator interface; manual x, y and z adjustment; vacuum system; bottom-side global preheat; semiautomatic cycle for component removal and replacement; and cool-down function.

R&D Technical Services,

Expert-SAFP semiautomatic pick-and-place system is for prototype quantities. Has an air-suspended pick-and-place head, integrated vision and placement system, and picks from reels, sticks, rest tape strips and loose components. Includes turning station for upside-down components standard. Comes with dispenser and reflow tool.



Enhanced 7th Generation programmer models 1710, 2710, 2710M, 4710, 4710-M, 3710MK2 and 3710MK2-M feature high-speed USB 2.0 standard bus, to increase communication speeds and reliability. Support devices with densities up to 4 Gb. Replace existing 7th Generation product line.

BPM Microsystems,

“Recommendations for PCB FAB Notes and Specifications in Printed Circuit Board Drawings for SnPb and Lead-Free Soldering Assemblies, the Qualification of PCB Shops and Activities to Assure Continued Quality,” version v.08 makes recommendations regarding appropriate specifications and fabrication notes on drawings for printed circuit boards, general procedures to qualify PCB shops, and testing procedures to verify quality and reliability. Provides necessary material selection information to supplement IPC-4101 slash sheets. Contains recommended examples of fab notes for SnPb solder assemblies and Pb-free assemblies, for use as general specifications on PCB drawings, a basic questionnaire to supplement to IPC-1710 for qualifying PCB shops, and recommendations for ongoing activities to ensure qualified PCB shops maintain internal quality. 

Engelmaier Associates,

Friendly Green presaturated wipes are low linting and designed to remove all solder pastes, resins, water-soluble, no-clean, leaded and Pb-free from stencils, screens, misprints and other surfaces. Are said to be effective in cutting through tough, dried solder paste and flux residue. Do not harm stencil construction materials (aluminum frame, stainless steel or polyester screen and stainless steel, brass or nickel metal etched foil). Are saturated with low-toxicity compounds, contain no solvents, and are biodegradable. Meet or exceed current and reasonably anticipated VOC requirements (EPA, AQMD, SCAQMD).

High-Tech Conversions,

The Flexys-10 intelligent placement system is for low- to medium-volume high-mix production and NPI requirements. Rated at 10,000 cph (IPC-9850: 8,600 cph). Comes with eight new turret positions, an eight-position rotary head with on-the-fly vision. Feeder capacity of 128 x 8 mm tapes and 10 matrix tray locations. Places 0201 to 2.75" sq QFP/BGA. Has a reported accuracy of 0.0014" for QFP/BGA and 0.0035" for chips at 3-Sigma. Accommodates tape, stick or tray feeder types. Options include standalone or in-line conveyors, intelligent belt feeders, barcode reader, glue dispenser, fixed upward vision camera, component test verification and more.


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