New Products

Aquavator wipes require only tap water, not hazardous chemicals. Feature harmless cleaning agents embedded throughout the ESD fibers that aggressively clean stencils. Eliminate spill concerns, flammability/explosion concerns, VOC issues, transportation and shelf-life concerns.
Blue Thunder Technologies,   
Trident II is said to be capable of removing all flux residues including rosin, no-clean and water-soluble, and lead and Pb-free residues. Comes with a closed-loop wash solution recycling system. All rinse water is directed through the pre-drain filtration system, then drained. Assemblies are dried via on-board convection and radiant forced air dryers.  Zero-discharge evaporation system optional. 

Aqueous Technologies,

A boundary scan-VTEP hybrid is said to offer in-circuit test users a way to test assemblies in a limited access environment. Combines standardized, limited access, digital stimulus capability of boundary scan with vectorless VTEP. Permits boards to be designed with less electrical test access. Available to Agilent customers with valid software upgrade contracts for i3070 and VTEP-equipped fixtures.

Agilent Technologies, 
The 0.050" pitch Micro Mate Discrete Wire Cable Terminal includes a socket assembly. Provides cable-to-board solutions for the TFM/SFM Series board-to-board interconnect system and features the Tiger Eye contact system. Includes Power Mate and Mini Mate, which provide isolated power/wire-to-board solutions. The 0.165" pitch Power Mate system provides up to 5.5A per power contact while the 0.100" pitch Mini Mate system offers 3.6A per contact. Assemblies are available with polarization, guide pins, and friction latching system.

EnviroGuard 100% closed-loop stencil cleaner is said to clean all types of solder paste with a 100% closed-loop process: wash and rinse. Matched properties of 440-R SMT detergent to a specifically designed filtration/UV system that facilitates zero VOCs of wash and rinse solutions. Reportedly captures for recycling 99% of the waste paste from stencils and misprinted PCBs. The remaining 1% is said to be removed by the filtration system. Is zero discharge, with no venting requirements. Retrofits to the company’s existing stencil cleaners.

Smart Sonic,
MG-1R and MG-8R pick-and-place machines now permit easier maintenance access and better maintainability of the placement heads. The maximum board size has increased to 510 x 440 mm, and the operating panel, LCD monitor and keyboard have been relocated to improve ergonomics. Are for high-mix production, and place a range of components, including chips and complex and odd-form components. Can be used as standalone or inline. Placement rates are said to be up to 24,000 cph. A 3-D coplanarity camera and a side-view camera help eliminate placement defects. High-resolution vision systems reportedly recognize, dip-flux, and place the smallest balls and tightest-pitch flip-chips. Modules verify the correct condition of the placement nozzles, have a standard nozzle cleaning system, and self-calibrate.

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