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SFX-6308 I/O module, part of the Scanflex JTAG/boundary scan hardware platform, features eight independent analog I/O channels with additional digital resources and supports application-specific in-system reconfiguration by means of VarioCORE. Reportedly provides four output channels with extended current yield of up to 200mA at ± 10V and four bipolar input channels with a range of ± 10V. All channels have a 12 bit resolution and can be disconnected from the UUT via relays. Is supported in System Cascon from version 4.x on.
Goepel Electronic,
The XSD series of 1% RH dry cabinets is designed to meet J-STD-033 for handling moisture-sensitive devices. Is said to deliver precision measurement, 24/7 data logging and ergonomic touch-screen operator interface. SDR series combines features of XSD in a configuration that accepts full feeder trolleys from all pick-and-place manufacturers. Both deploy self-regenerating desiccant.
Totech Super Dry,

The PCT-1000 benchtop programmable preheater is said to deliver more heat to difficult boards, while maintaining high levels of thermal control and lower operating temperatures. Is reportedly ideal for Pb-free, multilayer boards and large ground planes. Delivers forced convection heat that can be controlled with four time and temperature zones, and an additional cooling zone. Provides thermal boost for boards that demand heat because of large ground planes, multiple layers or Pb-free solders. Features “external” thermocouple input. Design creates a convection vortex. Operates in manual or automatic mode. Up to 50 thermal profiles can be stored. 
The BH-1000 optional board holder consists of two independent post-rail assemblies that can be positioned as close as 12 mm. Each post-rail assembly is 300 mm long and has a 30 mm height adjustment.
OK International,
The KISS line of selective soldering equipment now includes a wave height monitor and control module. Reportedly maintains solder wave heights to within +/- 0.005". Is said to be effective when working with the wave nozzle sizes from 6 mm to 1.5 mm, and selectively soldering tight pitch component areas. Monitoring methodology incorporates resistive measurements of wave height relative to a known reference. Is performed at programmable intervals during extended production runs; closed-loop feedback is then used to automatically adjust solder pump speeds.
ACE Production Technologies Inc.,
Cover-Extend Technology is a limited access solution for in-circuit test. Is said to eliminate the need for physical test points. Is part of VTEP v2.0 Powered test suite. Is a hybrid between Boundary Scan and VTEP Vectorless Test. Relies on stimulus provided by Boundary Scan cells. Benefits reportedly include improved test coverage (up to 50% node access); savings on fixturing, and strain relief on solder joints.
Agilent Technologies Inc., 
RTV 800 Series UV/Dual (UV/moisture) cure materials, for encapsulating and staking sensitive components, have reported cure speeds of fewer than three seconds. Patented chemistry permits paste-like products to cure up to 5/8" thick with minimal energy requirements. Viscosity of encapsulant ranges from a few hundred centipoises (for spraying and dip coating) to several thousand for thick coating and deeper potting applications up to 3/8" thick. Are self-leveling and flowable, and shadow cure at room temperature. Are based on silicone chemistry, translucent, and do not degrade or yellow on long-term exposure to light. 
Novagard Solutions,

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