Jim Raby Hall of Fame

Carroll Perkins

Inducted May 2017


Carroll Perkins, an engineer and product manager with Solitron Devices, invented and patented the concept of bonding a semiconductor device to a leadframe, and then encapsulating the package. He called it an "electronic hybrid package," but it became the precursor for MCM and other multi-chip device technology. He was issued a US patent in 1972. (US PTO no. 3784725A) His professional career spanned 1958-2003, after which he continued to teach as an adjunct professor at Forsyth Technical Community College.

Perkins leadframe

Edward Ostroff

Inducted May 2016

While at Raytheon in the 1970s, Edward Ostroff (1927-2018) co-invented the first practical RFID transponder (called RayTag) ("Remotely powered transponders," US Patent 3,745,569), opening the door to what is now a standard tracking tool in manufacturing factories worldwide.

Held a degree in engineering from City College of New York and attended graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Worked primarily for Raytheon and MITRE. Held 11 patents in all (others included Air Traffic Control Radar, a magnet to remove foreign objects from the eye during surgery, a computing apparatus that makes Doppler Radar Systems work by continuously monitoring the navigational position of a vehicle. Authored "Solid-State Radar Transmitters.


Edward Ostroff


Hans Motsch

Inducted May 2013


Everyone who uses electronics employs surface mount. Hans Motsch is why. In 1978, while working for a German metal repair company known as Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik, Motsch invented surface mount technology. He described connecting "flat, film-like components" to a printed circuit board ... "so that the junctions of the components touch but do not extend into the holes." Motsch, who was issued patents for his idea in Germany (1980) and the US (1983), said he wanted avoid the potential damage to components that came with passing them through the wave.

WM eventually evolved into a coffee maker OEM, and Motsch evolved with it, earning multiple patents for coffee percolaters later in his career.




Saba A. Saba

Inducted May 2013


1968 was a good year for Saba Saba. He conceived (and later patented) the first water-soluble electronics solder. He followed this up a month later with an organic flux with an emulsifier with a flash point above that of the flash point of the solder, thus optimizing the flux for machine soldering.

Saba worked for Electronic Engineering Co. of America.

Carl F. Carlzen

Inducted May 2013


In 1958 Carl F. Carlzen (1916 - 2012) and coinventor Milan Lincoln filed a patent application for a “soldering device,” which, as described, was the first wave soldering machine for printed circuit boards. The idea advanced soldering from dip or fountain (selective) methods into a process that was highly automated and repeatable. They proposed limiting the exposure of the board to heat, as well as methods to minimize bridging or icicles. They were issued USPTO number 2993272 in 1961, and their invention is still used today. Carlzen graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Engineering, and spent his career with Sylvania and Lockheed Space and Missile. He was awarded nine patents during his career.


 Carl Carlzen web


Joseph (Joe) Fjelstad

Inducted May 2013

Joe Fjelstad is one of the most prolific inventors the printed circuit industry has ever seen. At the time of his induction, Fjelstad had been credited with 170 patents, ranging from solderless flex circuit assembly to LED package assembly to "direct connect" signaling between the PCB and the component package. His inventions ranged from arrays to semiconductor packaging to flexible connectors. One patent describes a method for making a multilayer circuit. And describes method for deburring metal-clad laminate. A chemist by training who seamlessly migrated from printed circuit board fabrication to semiconductor packaging (with a short stint in the technical department of the IPC, an industry trade association), Fjelstad could probably be inducted into any of a variety of Halls of Fame.



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