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The SV-100 Slider Valve for solder paste dispensing is said to be up to 20% faster than standard auger dispensers; reportedly achieves 20,000 dots per hr. (on 1 mm grid) while delivering dots of less than 300 µm (0.012") for solder paste types 4, 5 and 6.  Dots as small as 125 µm (0.005") in diameter can be achieved with type 6 paste. Dispenses dots and lines of pastes and fluids that contain metal additives with minimal clogging. Is compatible with Pb-free and no-clean solder pastes and silver-filled epoxies. Is for solder paste dots for passive components smaller than 0603, rework of BGA and QFN electrical connections, lines and patterns for RF shield attach, low-volume/high-mix applications, and unique patterns of conductive epoxy.
Loctite 5210 is a fast-cure thixotropic silicone material said to be ideal for devices in harsh environments. Offers alternative to hot-melt glues. Is a non-corrosive room temperature vulcanization silicone material designed for wire tacking, selective sealing, vibration dampening, and rework/repair applications. Reportedly has dispense times as little as 31 sec. for two connectors and a tack free time of fewer than 5 min. Offers a high UPH alternative. Material reportedly will hold its form and will not spread or migrate to other locations. Cures at room temperature.
Henkel Corp.,
Circuit Suds biodegradable cleaner was formulated to be environmental friendly. Is said to be suitable for no-clean, rosin, and Pb-free processes. No special handling or disposal reportedly required in the majority of applications; is non-flammable and non-volatile. Can be disposed of as ordinary wastewater with few exceptions. For hand-cleaning through automated lines. Comes in 1 gal., 5gal. and larger containers.
Circuit Suds,
Easyplacer 7.2 is a software upgrade for the CLM/FLX-Series placement systems. Is said to enhance the application range. Was standard on all FLX-Series deliveries after Feb. 1. The package includes Easyplacer version, BOX version, LIB version, and optional CAD version Includes job function, lifetime counter, production time counter, selectable speed or accuracy optimization, 01005 placement with special nozzle, warning message if a local fiducial mark is not found, and more precise placement of MFOV components. BOX includes expanded job function. LIB includes corner marking of palettes, selectable speed or accuracy optimization for each component, free definable rotation speed of a-axis for each component, vacuum activation at pick position, and definable vision window angle for each component in advanced setting. 
Essemtec AG,
MC683 is a four-head dual gantry pick-and-place system. Includes Cognex on-the-fly vision alignment, for 0201s, SOICs and µBGAs, while bottom vision handles 0.015" pitch QFPs and large BGAs. A plug-and-play feeder docking trolley can be configured and loaded off-line. Is configured with two pairs of heads that work independently on each gantry. The ball screw driven system has DC-servo motors and closed-loop, non-contact linear encoding for ±0.01mm X-Y repeatability. An automatic 3-stage conveyor contributes mounting speeds of up to 10,500 cph.

MFR-2200 Series is for production hand soldering, touchup and SMD rework. Incorporates SmartHeat technology and the ability to operate different handpieces simultaneously. Includes a range of soldering and rework cartridges, similar to Metcal, and tips, including a cartridge handpiece with a variety of fine access and SMD rework tips, a high-power soldering tip handpiece designed for volume production environments, and a precision tweezer handpiece capable of removing a range of components from 0201 chips to 28mm SOICs.  

OK International,

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