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Optel Lean/NXT is a standalone solution that monitors the Fuji NXT placement platform. Communicates in real-time using Fuji Open Interface. Downloads program data directly from Fuji Flexa. Provides data on proper setup, feeder replenishment, excess scrap warnings on a given feeder/slot, and machine performance indicators. Features include automatic setup verification, component cycle counting, component level traceability, downloading and saving machine performance information, real-time scrap data collection, and support for reel splicing. Options include MSD tracking, electronic Kanban support, and duty-cycle-based feeder management.
Optimal Electronics Corp.,
The MY100DX component placement platform reportedly delivers 70% more throughput. Is designed for high volume production. Has 96 feeder positions; also comes with 160 feeder positions (MY100DX-14). Both can be configured with various synergy options for inline production and are compatible with existing machines, feeders and software.
Mydata Automation, 
MultiWriter pps on-board gang programming system is said to use concurrent programming to program up to 24 parts each of up to 16 different types simultaneously (up to 384 chips). Reportedly speeds programming for microcontrollers and flash memories mounted on boards. Enables programming of data such as serial numbers and date codes. Includes integrated PC system console, Lambda 0-60V, 12.5A programmable power supply, MultiWriter controller and GenRad 227X fixture interface. A bed-of-nails fixture reportedly contains only probes necessary for powering the board and contacting the circuit nodes required for programming and verification.
CION Module/FXT114S JTAG/Boundary Scan module is controlled via a standard test access port. Provides 114 parallel I/O channels with IEEE-Std. 1149.1 compliant test resources. Can be integrated into test adapters. Provides 64 single-ended test channels. Channels independently controllable and I/O voltage can be programmed from 1.8V to 5.0V in groups of 32 channels. “Unstress” feature protects unit under test. Provides 50 differential (LVDS) channels. Said to be suitable for test of non-scannable circuit clusters, peripheral connectors, backplanes and AC-coupled networks.
Supported in the software platform System Cascon and can be used with ScanBooster and Scanflex boundary scan controller.
Goepel electronic,
UniQuant XRF analysis tools come on the ARL QUANT'X energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence system for elemental analysis. A camera is integrated for sample imaging. Is designed for qualitative and quantitative nondestructive elemental analysis of any samples. Reportedly is capable of achieving accurate analysis of major, minor and trace elements in a variety of materials. Uses eight filters. Software corrects overlaps and background effects and enables analysts to specify properties, such as area, height or mass. Can be precalibrated.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.,
Alpha SACX 0807 is said to offer performance similar to SAC 305 on complex, dual-sided assemblies where excellent wetting is required. Reportedly produces less dross and works well in the lower operating temperature processes associated with high-Ag SAC alloys. Comes in standard bar, feeder bar and wire forms.
Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials,

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