New Products

MPM 125 screen printer is for low-to-medium volume applications. Reportedly features ±12.5 µm accuracy at Six-Sigma, with Cpk ≥ 2.0. Includes CANOpen motion control architecture, benchmarking software and Windows XP, and setup Wizards for ease of use.
Speedline Technologies, 
High retention Type A and B USB interfaces (USBR Series) are said to comply with the Class 1, DIV II minimum withdrawal requirement of 15 Newtons. These connectors have an orange color-coded insulator to differentiate them from standard withdrawal force connectors. Are available in surface mount and through-hole designs with a choice of standard right angle or vertical top-entry orientation.


A scaled-down version of the MK-II, the Advantage 16e, was designed to counteract any penetration by smaller knockoffs of the MK-II in Asia. Is said to be stripped down for buyers looking for lower cost system. Is about ¼ the size of MK-II and includes fewer operational controls, including recordkeeping. Includes vacuum pump, booster blower and unitary chassis design. Includes 16 level, horizontal planar electrode configuration (24" W x 18" D x 1.25" spacing), 1,000W 13.56 MHz solid state air-cooled R.F. generator, process temperature control, two mass-flow meters with precision needle valve, automatic nitrogen purging and touch-screen interface.
Plasma Etch Inc.,
This joint-effort design solution reportedly can improve productivity for the design of RF circuits. Is expected to cut PCB design cycle times in half and improve quality of mixed-technology designs. Enables PCB mixed-signal designers to concurrently design a PCB using Expedition Enterprise or Board Station XE flows and integrate it with Advanced Design System EDA software.
Agilent Technologies Inc.,  
Pyramax 75A features 75" of heated length and six zones, 350ºC maximum temperature, flexible platform configuration, low power consumption, and a comprehensive menu of options. Is said to deliver side-to-side recirculation and convection efficiency. Includes Windows-based WINCON oven control software, parts-identification software, a range of options for flux management, advanced conveyor solutions and smart tracking SMEMA, optional barcode reader, and a comprehensive warranty.  
BTU International,
AdvantisX surface mount platform includes single- and dual-gantry high-speed models with Lightning heads, and multifunction configurations using Inline7 and Inline4 high force flexible heads. Features a linear motor positioning system. Designed for mid-tier assemblers.
Universal Instruments,      

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