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The KISS line of selective soldering equipment now includes a wave height monitor and control module. Reportedly maintains solder wave heights to within +/- 0.005". Is said to be effective when working with the wave nozzle sizes from 6 mm to 1.5 mm, and selectively soldering tight pitch component areas. Monitoring methodology incorporates resistive measurements of wave height relative to a known reference. Is performed at programmable intervals during extended production runs; closed-loop feedback is then used to automatically adjust solder pump speeds.
ACE Production Technologies Inc.,
Cover-Extend Technology is a limited access solution for in-circuit test. Is said to eliminate the need for physical test points. Is part of VTEP v2.0 Powered test suite. Is a hybrid between Boundary Scan and VTEP Vectorless Test. Relies on stimulus provided by Boundary Scan cells. Benefits reportedly include improved test coverage (up to 50% node access); savings on fixturing, and strain relief on solder joints.
Agilent Technologies Inc., 
RTV 800 Series UV/Dual (UV/moisture) cure materials, for encapsulating and staking sensitive components, have reported cure speeds of fewer than three seconds. Patented chemistry permits paste-like products to cure up to 5/8" thick with minimal energy requirements. Viscosity of encapsulant ranges from a few hundred centipoises (for spraying and dip coating) to several thousand for thick coating and deeper potting applications up to 3/8" thick. Are self-leveling and flowable, and shadow cure at room temperature. Are based on silicone chemistry, translucent, and do not degrade or yellow on long-term exposure to light. 
Novagard Solutions,
The large-area Photon Vi print platform is designed for integrated manufacturing and process optimization. Delivers flexible substrate image size range from 1.5" x 2.0" up to 24" x 24", a reported 30% increase over the standard platform. Is able to handle board products up to 16.5 lb. and 0.236" thick. Accommodates Instinctiv productivity tools. Has adjustable transport rails and a two-speed board transport control system with software time lag control. Is preconfigured with an upgraded understencil cleaner deploying a 4-stage head, providing cleaning for a 24"wide image using wet, vacuum and dry strokes.

Instinctiv V9 machine control software now incorporates enhanced control of HawkEye post-print inspection technology, easing paste-on-pad verification. Reportedly provides post-print verification of every board, and operates at line beat rate, delivering go/no-go indication for each board and isolating faulty boards in real-time. Identifies pad exhibiting the lowest paste volume.




V-Works 24 is said to delivers uniform condensation heat transfer to the single component rework environment. Permits use of absolute limits of maximum temperatures and small delta at peak temperatures. Comes with 24" x 24" working envelope, split mirror and camera vision system for aligning components; on-board recipe storage; touch-screen operator interface; manual x, y and z adjustment; vacuum system; bottom-side global preheat; semiautomatic cycle for component removal and replacement; and cool-down function.

R&D Technical Services,

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