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Revolution x-ray inspection system adds a Quad View facility and dual LCD monitors to enhance viewing capabilities and ease of use. Displays up to four images at once, and can separate x-ray images from the software control for reported clutter-free viewing. Samples can be safely placed within 250 µm of the focal spot, for up to 13000x magnification at all angles over the 400 x 400 mm manipulator scan area.

The SCBL-77G Passageway Gate system is designed for high-volume production. Combines a small footprint passageway station with a vertical buffering station. Is 1500 mm in length and is said to offer a continuous pathway for PCBs to flow. When the gate is requested to be open, the 15-slot vertical buffer is enabled to accept PCBs from the line. The vertical buffer has 15 stacked edge belts, each at 30 mm standard spacing. Spacing is selectable in every slot, every other, every third and every forth slot. Can operate in either LIFO or FIFO modes, in addition to the lift gate function.

Promation Inc.,
Omano OMPCB-23/99 electronic inspection microscope enables continuous 3-D inspection, across the length and breadth of a PCB without the need to constantly check positioning. Features a choice of 7-45X or 6.5-45X zoom stereo microscope body. Includes oblique viewing attachment with integrated 0.3X Barlow lens; enables the operator, with fingertip adjustments, to view PCB vertically as well as from all sides. Features a built-in, rotatable, light mount that will fit most brands of fiber optic illuminators and a large sliding stage that enables quick scans across PCB length and breadth. Weighs 46 lbs.
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Omano OM2300/V3 combines the OM2300 7-45X zoom stereo microscope body with a new V3 base. The base is made of solid metal alloys and designed for ergonomic, repetitive inspection and soldering procedures. Measures 12" x 12" with beveled edges for operator comfort and a black/white contrast plate. Options include Omano OM99 6.5-45X microscope body. Weighs 18 lbs.
The Microscope Store, 
Trek Model 900 is a diagnostic tool for identifying or investigating suspected ESD incidents. Includes a voltage-sensitive antenna that can be positioned near potential problem areas to monitor ESD events. Detection is conveyed via an audible buzzer and/or a visual color-coded light display that depicts intensity. Is compact, portable and powered by batteries or continuous AC. CE compliant.
The YTX X3 3-D x-ray inspection system is for PCBs with BGAs and other hidden solder joints. Proprietary imaging technology gathers oblique images to construct a 3-D rendering used to identify solder and component-related defects on both single and double-sided boards. Selectively uses 2-D or 3-D to inspect specific regions on a board. Programming is said to be fast and intuitive, with a typical complete inspection program created in fewer than 30 min. Is suited for in- or offline applications and reportedly offers fast throughput and low false calls. Included are remote programming and real-time SPC software.

YESTech Inc., 

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