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NL900 No-Clean Pb-Free Solder Paste is formulated for SAC and SN100C alloys. Is a modified rosin-based solder paste that is said to offer excellent open time, extended abandon time and good soldering activity with pin probable post soldering residues. Has been designed to provide excellent slump resistance, high-speed stencil printing up to 100 mm/sec., and extended between-print abandon time. Features enhanced activity for tough-to-solder boards and components. Is ROL0 to ANSI/J-STD-004 compliant.
FCT Assembly,
The 2600-041 Series Snuf-Bak Dispense Valve is designed for clean shutoff of thixotropic and cohesive materials such as viscous silicones, epoxies and urethanes. Incorporates fluid materials in a compact KISS Series valve body. Provides suction when valve closes. Is 1.5" x 3.5" and is rated for 4,000 psi (275 bar). Valve is double air actuated with two 1/8 NPT ports for a 4-way pneumatic valve connection. Body has two 1/4 NPT fluid inlet ports and a 1/4 NPT dispense port; has two holes for #10 or M6 screw and two 1/4" dowel holes for mounting. May be mounted to robot tooling, automation fixtures or manual handle assemblies. Fluid suction volume can be controlled and locked with a set-screw adjustment. Valves are used to dispense one-part epoxy, urethane, silicone, PVC and acrylic for bonding, gasketing, coating, potting and filling applications.

Sealant Equipment & Engineering Inc.,

ASME certified fluid reservoir tanks include top and bottom-ported models ranging from 2 qt. to 5 gal. Top-ported reservoirs are said to be suitable for liquids less than 150,000 cps and bottom-ported reservoirs for fluids less than 300,000 cps. Reservoirs are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel or aluminum. Are available in bottle-type with a narrow opening, or open-top for insertion of liners and containers. Supplied with a 10 ft. fluid hose and a ¼" air line.
I&J Fisnar Inc.,
The PRO 1812 Mini Laser Marker is a small tabletop laser marking station that uses a 25W, CO2 laser. Is air-cooled. Is capable of marking text, numeric values, graphics and barcodes. Includes PC with graphics package and barcoding software. Can be used for prototyping or marking small batches of PCBs. Also comes with 35W or 45W laser.
Promation Inc.,
StencilLaser G 6080 uses an enclosed laser to cut SMT stencils. Has a new architecture and lightweight construction, using carbon fiber material.  Is said to automatically adjust to fit any stencil size up to 29.1" x 37.4". Has new loading routine said to shorten changeover time for loose foils and framed stencils. Can cut with compressed air or oxygen. Features touch screen user interface with multi-level operation software.
LPKF Laser and Electronics,
Aquavator wipes require only tap water, not hazardous chemicals. Feature harmless cleaning agents embedded throughout the ESD fibers that aggressively clean stencils. Eliminate spill concerns, flammability/explosion concerns, VOC issues, transportation and shelf-life concerns.
Blue Thunder Technologies,   

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