New Products

The EL thermal imaging system includes a new camera with a 320 x 240 uncooled detector array with <0.05ËšC sensitivity and 16-bit digital camera link interface. Said to capture and display images at a rate of 30 frames/sec. and provide a resolution of 70 µm.

For use in locating shorts, stressed components and other defects, and analyzing thermal behavior of individual components. Model Board Comparison locates defects by comparing thermal behavior of defective boards to a known good board model.

OptoTherm, Inc.,


Design For Manufacture (DfM) Add-On for Altium Designer is free and factory-certified. Implements Sunstone’s manufacturing capabilities interactively inside Altium Designer. Is said to reduce costs by reducing design errors; reduced time by using existing rule decks instead of user-created versions; and simplify design processes by following a factory-certified rule deck.

Sunstone Circuits,
VarioTap in-system emulation technology integrates JTAG emulation and boundary scan test for real interlaced test operations and multivalent flash in-system programming. Supports in principle all JTAG/IEEE1149.1 compliant µProcessor or µController, independent of scan chain configuration, up to multi-processor or multi-core applications. Adaptive streaming technology reportedly executes emulation tests in a test program parallel or interactively to boundary scan tests.

Goepel Electronic,
Flexible silicone conformal coating is said to meet IEC 61086-2. Said be fast drying and has passed all coatings tests for assembled PCBs including thermal aging, flexibility, damp heat and salt mist. Visual inspection using ultraviolet light revealed no voids, holes or delamination on samples, and no loss of adhesion or discoloration of copper conductors. A tackiness test reportedly revealed that when a 500g load is applied for 1 min., it remains non-tacky. Has operating temperature ranging from -50Ëš to 125ËšC; is touch dry at 20ËšC in 10 to 15 min. Available in 400 ml aerosol and 5 liter bulk container. Contains no isocyan­ates. Meets V-1 level of the UL approval.
EVS 7000 and 9000 solder recovery systems replace EVS 3000 and 6000. Are designed like EVS 1000, integrating new-generation features. Are said to have smaller size, footprint and easier access for maintenance. Offer capacities of 10 kg/20 lb. (7000) up to 20 kg/44 lb. (9000). 9000 is for single operation dedrossing of large wave soldering machines. Has integrated Hopper Extraction System said to speed dedrossing times up to 75%. Both feature an enclosed automated system. Hot dross is loaded into the large hopper and sealed. The process recovers solder into a tray in the form of ingots placed back into the solder pot; spent dross is deposited automatically to a covered dross bin. Air is extracted via a standalone, multi-part filtration system. Cycle takes six minutes plus cooling.
EVS International,
PMT400S is designed for site dressing and repeatable solder removal. Uses Sierra Mate software. Is height sensing and production ready. Is Pb-free capable. Features semi-automatic gantry motion, automated nitrogen gas switching and optional IR bottom heater. Has a 28" sq. footprint. Includes a self-contained solder removal tool. Can prepare up to 51 mm BGA site on assemblies with 2" tall top and 1.5" bottom-side components. Handles boards up to 14" by 20".
VJ Electronix Inc.,

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