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The SM400 Series is designed on the SMART platform. Integrated software features a common operating interface, which is said to provide a stable base platform that is scalable and modular with a space-efficient design. Includes flying-vision centering with individual cameras for each spindle. Identifies component centers during travel from the feeder to the placement location. Head is designed for simultaneous component pickup from the SM feeders. The SM411 Dynamic Chip Shooter is said to place at a rate of 42,000 cph with placements accurate to ±50 µm at 3-sigma (Cpk ≤ 1.0). Dual gantry system includes a dual-lane PCB transport with three on-demand production configurations. The SM421 Advanced Flexible Mounter is reportedly capable of handling up to 72 mm SMT connectors. Is said to reach placement speeds up to 21,000 cph with accuracy of ±30 µm at 3-Sigma (Cpk ≤ 1.0). Has optional external side tray handler and intelligent feeder system.

Dynatech Technology,    
Progressive Energy Dynamics is based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling to maximize mechanical, thermal and chemical energy in the various functional stages of a cleaner. PED consists of manifolds, nozzles and pumps said to significantly improve residue removal and conveyor speed. Come on AAT’s inline cleaning systems.

Austin American Technology Corp.,

The vision centering system offered on the L-Series Pick-and-Place uses features of Cognex machine vision. Bottom, top, on-the-fly, or fly-by centering options are available. Is said to ensure placement of 0201s, µBGAs, and ultra fine pitch QFPs. Customizable.

Novastar Inc., 
The Lynx stereo zoom microscope offers magnification up to 120X and a modular design to permit a range of camera and optical accessories. Now comes with 14-point LED ring light with intensity control. An optional oblique viewing accessory permits components to be viewed from a 34º angle, which can then rotate a full 360º to provide easy inspection all the way around a component.

Vision Engineering Inc.,
The PDR IR-SolderLight Professional handheld rework system is designed to deliver flexibility for SMT/BGA rework. Is tip/nozzle-free, gas-free, clean and is said to produce high quality BGA rework. Reportedly comes with standard features permitting quick and safe rework of SMDs without overheating the component, adjacents or PCB. Is said to deliver 100% process yield results. Features include focused IR component heating; Quartz IR PCB preheater (120 mm x 120 mm, 650w system); process controls for PCB temperature and process time, and control of component heating.
NL900 No-Clean Pb-Free Solder Paste is formulated for SAC and SN100C alloys. Is a modified rosin-based solder paste that is said to offer excellent open time, extended abandon time and good soldering activity with pin probable post soldering residues. Has been designed to provide excellent slump resistance, high-speed stencil printing up to 100 mm/sec., and extended between-print abandon time. Features enhanced activity for tough-to-solder boards and components. Is ROL0 to ANSI/J-STD-004 compliant.
FCT Assembly,

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