New Products

The S3X48 Series halide-free no-clean solder pastes from Koki Company Ltd. are said to demonstrate excellent performance across a wide range of Pb-free processing applications. Developed originally for fine-pitch BGA and CSP applications. Perform well at high reflow temperatures; rapid wetting of commonly used Pb-free alloys. Have a wide process window and six-month shelf life. Are said to eliminate “pillow” defects on BGA and CSP devices.

Christopher Associates Inc.,
The ShareGen SPA 1000 solder paste analyzer provides testing to help control and manage solder paste in the production process. Is said to help reduce defects, including missing components, tombstoning, component misalignment and non-wetting. Is a 6-in-1 solder paste test system that reportedly can perform up to six separate tests that previously would have been performed by separate instruments, in accordance to IEC 61189-5 and IPC-TM-650 standards. Can be used to conduct solder paste "open time" testing.

Ascentech LLC,

The OUC-500 wave unload flat belt conveyor now has three banks of cooling fans. Unloads and cools PCBs exiting the wave soldering process machine. Is variable speed controlled. Has 500-mm wide flat belt and is said to be capable of handling PCBs up to 17.7" in width. Open framing system can be adjusted to meet most wave exit and off-load heights. Three fans per bank (nine fans total) provide cooling for higher temperature Pb-free products.

Promation Inc.,

Surveyor monitors the thermal performance of a reflow oven every hour, day and shift. Features include SPC analysis and out-of-tolerance condition identification. Is said to eliminate the need for test boards, while simplifying profiling. Consists of fixed sensors that reportedly eliminate variables associated with thermocouple attachment, an adjustable frame that rides on the oven’s rail or mesh belt, and new surveyor software that automatically stores profiles.
CmController5 Compact measurement and analysis tool is designed as a universal measuring and analysis tool for SMT production. Includes a complete measurement system with measurement software for vision and statistical analysis. Helps analyze production process with error rate reduction. Offers a third-party independent method and validation for ISO, IPC and automotive standards. Weighs approx. 130 kg. Can be equipped with a wheel lift system.

The SCBL-99 15 Vertical Buffer station has new software, including a hold and release timer function and system status monitoring menu. Is said to permit selection of a desired minimum buffer time before release. Is a 15-slot vertical buffer designed to control line flow. Can handle PCBs up to 18" in width and 20" in length. Current modes of operation include LIFO, FIFO or PASS through conveyor. Has all-belt buffer design. Monitoring screen shows current status of the station.


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