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The SCBL-99 15 Vertical Buffer station has new software, including a hold and release timer function and system status monitoring menu. Is said to permit selection of a desired minimum buffer time before release. Is a 15-slot vertical buffer designed to control line flow. Can handle PCBs up to 18" in width and 20" in length. Current modes of operation include LIFO, FIFO or PASS through conveyor. Has all-belt buffer design. Monitoring screen shows current status of the station.


The KE-2060 light high-speed flexible mounter (limited edition) comes with a quadruple placement head with laser alignment, one high-precision placement head, and vision and laser alignment. Is rated per IPC-9850 at 12,500 cph (laser alignment) and 1,750 cph (vision centering). Handles components ranging from 0201 to 75 x 75 mm or 50 x 150 mm, and up to 12 mm in height. Placement accuracy is ± 30 µm @3 Sigma using vision centering and  ± 50 µm @3 Sigma using laser alignment. Options include exchangeable feeder trolleys, a high-precision camera for µBGA and 0.3 mm pitch BGAs, and TR-6 matrix tray changer.

Juki Automation Systems,

The iPAG integrated paste and glue dispenser module is production ready and can be integrated within EKRA's high-end printers. Comes with single or double heads, permitting glue, solder paste or both to be applied to substrates after printing.
The SonoDry 1000 spray drying system has a nonclogging ultrasonic spray nozzle. Is said to be suitable for aqueous/aqueous and solvents/solvents feeds. Features an ambient drying temperature of 250°C, accuracy of ±1°C (steps of 0.1°C through PLC) and an air heater capacity of 1.8 kW. Has a blower capacity of 120 Nm3/hr.; 0-250 mm of water column vacuum and a feed pump capacity of 1600 ml/hr. with a 2 mm ID tube controlled through PLC. Weighs 90 kg; is portable on wheels and has dimensions of 650 x 1625 x 55 mm. Three models are available: SonoDry 750 Twin Cyclone Table Top System, with a water evaporation rate up to 750 ml/hr; SonoDry 1000 Twin Cyclone Mobile Stand-Alone System, with water evaporation rate up to 1000 ml/hr; SonoDry 1500 Advanced Twin Cyclone Mobile Stand-Alone System, with water evaporation rate up to 1500 ml/hr. Sizes range from small tabletop R&D systems to advanced floor models.
Sono-Tek Corp.,  
The Slice-Filter-Technique is for double-sided PCB solder joints inspection. Complete object information is included. Is based on an image-processing algorithm that separates image data of the printed sides. Uses pattern matching methods for solder joints and components. Is for prototypes and small batch production. Can test and verify the complete batch or complete series of the product type for the upper side and bottom part. Comes on all MatriX X2 and X 2.5 series models; is offered as upgrade package for the previous MX model. Designed for an inspection area of up to 460 x 350 mm and a variable inspection window of 10 x 10 mm to 30 x 30 mm. Reported resolution to below 5 µm; inspection time is 4 images/sec.
MatriX Technologies,
The Firefly laser-based selective soldering system includes a new automatic development environment said to reduce program time. Improved algorithms and faster loop control reportedly enable automatic management of PCB characteristics and environmental factors. X-Y-Z control of the laser head enables control of the position of the laser beam, rotating it 180° around the pin or joint to be soldered.

Seica S.p.A, 

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