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Robot automation dispensing systems are for manual load and unload production. Apply one- and two-component adhesives, sealants and lubricants onto products for bonding, gasketing, potting and sealing. Include material supply, metering and dispensing equipment.

Sealant Equipment & Engineering Inc.,
The MY500 jet printer offers offline programming said to permit set-ups and changeovers in seconds. Permits adjustments on the spot, in three dimensions. Features an easy-to-use, 2-D inspection and repair. A paste syringe and ejection technology has “snap-to-machine” loading, said to permit quick paste refill as needed or switches from lead to Pb-free solder paste in seconds.

Mydata Automation AB,
LED lighting technology is said to provide high-energy efficiency results in significantly reduced heat dissipation. Provides luminance values up to 400 Lumens and a reported 10 times longer lifespan than standard halogen. 2 x 2 or 4 x 4 is recommended; 2 x 2 is said to ensure a consistent and near shadow-less full area illumination of substrate and component. Color temperature remains stable. Is suitable for use with CCD cameras.

The CR 5000F lead-free reflow oven is said to occupy 20% to 30% less floor space. Has five upper and lower zones, each maintained to within ±1ºC. Includes three thermocouple inputs. Is 10-ft.-long. Features a combination 570 mm stainless steel mesh belt and pin-type conveyor, motor adjustable width from 40 to 450 mm. Is also available in larger 6, 8 and 10-zone models. Runs on Microsoft software.

This squeegee selection and ordering guide includes a listing of thirty different SMT printing machine models manufactured around the world. Details corresponding universal holder and squeegee blade retrofit part numbers. Includes details of the available options for squeegee blade choices and various squeegee classes, including Full Universal Holder Assemblies, Closed Print Head blades, and Direct OEM Replacement blades. Two pages offer tips for fine pitch printing challenges. Methods are described for creating custom designed squeegees. Is available at
Transition Automation Inc.,
The SI-V200 model automatic optical inspection machine is said to be suitable for detection of inaccurate component mounting, reversed component, missing component, incorrect polarity, missing solder, bridging and solder quantity. Has a two-megapixel color CCD camera and a three-stage white ring lighting system in a cast-iron frame. When used in standard resolution (15.5μm), the field of view capacity reportedly increases by 54% compared to previous models. Said to provide availability of high-res mode (11.0μm), permitting inspection of 01005-sized components. Works in conjunction with a tele-centric lens. Uses a linear motor to drive the X axis; uses Magnascale for position control and feedback.

Sony Manufacturing Systems America Inc.,

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