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Reflow SolderingReflow Soldering
Thermal Profiling Small PCBs
Every board, no matter the size, shape or thickness, requires a unique thermal profile for a perfect assembly process. Paste type needs to be accounted for, as does thermocouple placement. Consider these rules-of-thumb for optimizing the profile.
by Simon Ilustre

Out on Safari at ECTC
Attendance jumped at the annual component technology show, spurred by interest in 2.5D packaging.
by Sandra Winkler

EMS SourcingEMS Sourcing
Why Mexico (Again) Matters
As wages continue to rise in China and fuel costs escalate worldwide, some North American manufacturers are reevaluating their global operations to determine if production locations are optimal, reinvigorating discussion over whether China or Mexico is best for lower-cost production.
by Tonya Vinas



  • Caveat Lector
    Model behavior.
    Mike Buetow



    • ROI
      No such thing as too big to fail.
      Peter Bigelow

    • Global Sourcing
      Rebalancing the supply chain.
      Wally Johnson



  • On the Forefront
    Not your father's MCM.
    E. Jan Vardaman

  • Getting Lean
    Standardization vs. customization.
    Chris Munroe

  • Test and Inspection
    Overlapping test strategies.
    Andrew Tek

  • Technical Abstracts
    In Case You Missed It.

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