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Assembly and Reliability of Preform Underfilmed BGAs in Drop Test and Thermal Cycling
Pb-free solders generally are inferior to Pb-free solders in drop or shock testing. Preform underfilms can provide greater BGA to PCB mechanical robustness in a fairly seamless way – attached on reels similar to passives and reflowed simultaneously with the components, with only a minor design change required. And the results are impressive.
by Andrew Mawer, Thomas Koschmieder, Paul Galles, Randy Anding, George Skevofilax and Tim Lippe



  • Caveat Lector
    Remembering our heroes.
    Mike Buetow



    • ROI
      Ideas and enablers.
      Peter Bigelow

    • Focus on Business
      Program management strategies.
      Susan Mucha



  • Designer’s Notebook
    Polarity markings.
    Duane Benson

  • Screen Printing
    ”Good“ cavities.
    Clive Ashmore

  • Selective Soldering
    Concurrent selective soldering.
    Alan Cable

  • Test and Inspection
    Overlapping test strategies.
    Andrew Tek
  • Materials World
    Reworkable underfills.
    Jie Bai
  • Technical Abstracts
    In Case You Missed It.

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