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    SMT Reflow Oven-to-Oven Repeatability
    SMT process engineers with multiple process lines traditionally needed to establish a different recipe for each reflow oven because of variation between equipment. Advancements now make it possible to adjust some reflow ovens so a single recipe will work “among” ovens running the same product.
    by Fred Dimock

    EMS Top 50
    Bend, Don’t Break
    If the EMS market in 2012 were a movie, it would have been the good (Nam Tai), the bad (the effects of RIM) and the ugly (Elcoteq). But most of the world’s 50 largest contract assemblers absorbed the blows from shrinking PC and cellphone margins and set their sights on the more profitable (if smaller) automotive and industrial sectors.
    by Mike Buetow

    Stencil Printing: The Next Big Thing is Actually Very Small
    Originally met with overt industry skepticism, nanocoatings are quickly proving themselves in studies and in production. A look at the latest in the molecule technology.
    by Chrys Shea

    ESD Basics
    Managing Your ESD Program
    Enjoy all the software tools, but don’t forget the procedures.
    by The ESD Association

    Pan Pac Recap
    High-Tech in Hawaii
    The annual Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium brought together the industry’s top specialists from around the world, and process and equipment revelations were in abundance.
    by Chrys Shea




  • ROI
    Incorporating new technology.
    Peter Bigelow

  • Focus on Business
    Relationship make or breaks.
    Susan Mucha




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