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The 90-10 Split
Currency fluctuations had a big impact on the largest 104 printed circuit board manufacturers in 2011. Still, while making up less than 4% of the world's shops, the NTI-100 contributed more than 80% of the revenue.
by Dr. Hayao Nakahara

2011: A Very Good Year for EMS
After an extraordinary 2010, no one expected another large jump in contract electronics manufacturing sales in 2011. But that’s just what happened. A look at the trends, including near-shoring.
by Randall Sherman

Environmental Impacts and Control for the Electronics Manufacturer
Environmental impacts will be different between manufacturers, but the goal is the same: to identify, control and improve. Here's a methodology to identify and institute controls to mitigate negative impacts to the environment.
by Scott Mazur

Talking Heads
P.D.-NCAB Deal Accelerates the Changing Channel
David Wolff discusses the decision behind board distributor P.D. Circuits' sale to NCAB.
by Mike Buetow



  • Caveat Lector
    Bringing it back.
    Mike Buetow



    • ROI
      Migration inflation.
      Peter Bigelow



  • Tech Tips
    Felling the bridges.
    Robert Dervaes

  • Process Doctor
    Cleaning RF high-frequency hardware.
    Mike Bixenman

  • Solar Technologies
    How PV cells are used.
    Tom Falcon

  • Defects Database
    Sink the float.
    Dr. Chris Hunt

  • Getting Lean
    Understanding your workforce.
    Carlos Rodriguez

  • Technical Abstracts
    In Case You Missed It.

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