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Conformal Coatings
Protecting Silicon with Silicone
Silicone chemistry is a unique combination: neither purely organic (i.e., carbon-based) nor purely inorganic (i.e., silicon-based), but a molecular-level hybrid of both. The nature of the Si-O bond in the polymer backbone creates low rotation barriers and large bond energies. This inorganic polysiloxane backbone provides the foundation for building materials with superior thermal properties, environmental resistance and flexibility, even at temperatures below -70oC. New systems are more robust, faster curing and require less energy than conventional chemistry.
by Brian Chambers

Parts Qualification
Detection of Counterfeit Components
During an investigation, a finding that suggests a part is counterfeit must be verified beyond the testing itself. If a construction material is identified that is not the same as that on a verified genuine comparison part, the investigators must ensure that this is not accounted for by acceptable changes made by the manufacturer. This underscores that such investigations are often not as straightforward as they may seem. This discussion by a major US prime defense contractor points out alternate, less common methods for counterfeit detection. These are important, as often components that seemingly pass incoming inspections may still be counterfeit.
by W. John Wolfgong, Ph.D., James Izzo and Mark Depriest



  • Caveat Lector
    Happy anniversary.
    Mike Buetow

  • Talking Heads
    MFLEX’s Jay Desai.
    Mike Buetow



    • ROI
      Secret to success.
      Peter Bigelow



  • Materials World
    Electrically conductive adhesives.
    Jie Bai

  • Tech Tips
    Component whisker mitigation.
    ACI Technologies
  • Getting Lean
    What’s in it for the customer.
    Steve Fraser

  • Defects Database
    Blocked stencil apertures.
    Dr. Chris Hunt

  • Technical Abstracts
    In Case You Missed It.

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