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Electrical Test
Capacitor Testing Challenges and Solutions
Capacitors are widely used for bypassing, coupling, filtering and tunneling electronic circuits. However, to be useful, their capacitance value, voltage rating, temperature coefficient and leakage resistance must be characterized. Although capacitor manufacturers perform these tests, many electronics assemblers also perform some of these tests as quality checks. A look at the challenges associated with capacitor testing, and some of the test techniques used.
by Dale Cigoy

Cover Story
Under-Component Cleaning: How Low Can You Go?
Preventing field failures due to electrochemical migration used to be relatively easy: Use a water-soluble flux and clean the board after soldering. This solution no longer holds true, and sometimes causes more problems than it prevents.
by Harald Wack, Ph.D., Umut Tosun, Joachim Becht, Ph.D., Helmut Schweigart, Ph.D., and Chrys Shea


  • Caveat Lector
    Use proper protection.
    Mike Buetow
  • Talking Heads
    In a Flash.
    AsteelFlash’s Georges Garic.
    Mike Buetow

  • Database
    Not a standard opinion.
    Pete Waddell



  • Global Sourcing
    Can high-mix, low-volume production succeed in China?
    Carl Hung

  • ROI
    Peter Bigelow

  • Focus on Business
    Why one size doesn’t fit all.
    Susan Mucha



    • Designer’s Notebook
      DfM, properly applied.
      Max Clark

    • Screen Printing
      Climate check.
      Clive Ashmore

    • Defects Database
      Excess flux and PoP.
      Dr. Davide Di Maio

    • Getting Lean
      When metrics fail.
      Tony Bellito

    • SMT Troubleshooting
      A bridge from the printer.
      Paul Lotosky

    • Tech Tips
      Show me your papers.
      ACI Technologies Inc.

    • Technical Abstracts
      In case you missed it.



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