IPC Apex Expo 2013 New Products

Fusion platform incorporates high speed DC servo drive and reduced line length. Standard cell handles PCBs up to 508 x 952mm (fluxer/preheat/solder), or for high speed applications can be configured with fluxer/preheat and up to 3 solder modules with 5 heater options. Solder cells can be configured with custom dip, multi-dip, jet-wave and single point AP down to 1.5mm. Features auto pot changer for noncontact changeover.



90iSC lead-free solder alloy is said to process much like a traditional SAC alloy but with superior temperature cycling performance, consistent with or better than conventional SnPb solders. Is a multi-component alloy based on traditional SAC but with improved temperature resistance and reliability characteristics. Has a temperature cycling range from -40° to 155°C, optimized creep resistance at high temperature, vibration and drop test performance comparable to SAC and other lead-free alloys and has printing and reflow behavior consistent with alternative lead-free materials. Is compatible with several Henkel lead-free and halogen-free flux systems.




EKRA XACT 4 SI screen and stencil printer now comes with Simplex intuitive user interface. Is said to increase speed and ease of setup.

Asys Group,


Divisio 1000 Easy Duo is for low-stress, automatic PCB depaneling. Includes two loading drawers, linear motor gantries and a host of standard features including a camera system, fiducial recognition and camera assisted program generation.

ASYS Group,

AM100 modular placement machine features a single head (single beam) capable of placing components ranging from 0402mm to 120 x 90 x 28mm, large connectors, odd-shaped parts, and advanced packaging types such as PoP. Non-stop changeover allows the next product to be prepped while production is running. Processes large boards. Includes component thickness camera, auto-support pin exchange, PCB warpage detection, and tray verification. Feeders, multifunctional nozzles, and chucks are interchangeable with NPM series.
Panasonic Factory Solutions,

AV high-speed axial lead component insertion machine features a compact design and 30,000 cph performance. Comes in 40 or 80 component inputs with optional jumper wires and accommodates both ammo pack and reel. Inserts components in four directions: 0º, 90º, 180º and 270º. Permits simultaneous use of 26 and 52mm taped components. Quick, full auto-recovery. Runs two PCBs at once. Easy-to-use touch panel

Panasonic Factory Solutions,

VisionPro AP500 3-D solder paste inspection system is a vibration-free platform. Software includes one-click measurements, real-time SPC run charts, customized data reports, and onboard work instructions.

ASC International,

XM AOI camera module has an image capture rate of up to 1.8 gigapixel/sec.. Features four-color illumination from all spatial directions for optimum contrast for all recognizable solder defects as well as for special effects such as script, polarity marks or colored components. Switchable optical resolution of 16 or 8 µm for higher throughput requirements. Extension of the angled view, capture of additional images for the verification station, and additional illuminations are nearly cycle time-neutral, for operator flexibility. Inspects down to 01005 components. Comes on S6056 AOI.



Konform Flexcoat conformal coating is said to be as flexible as an RTV silicone, but without the disadvantages of silicone. Provides a soft, rubbery protective coating. Is said to coat evenly and provide a flexible, durable protective barrier against humidity, salt, corrosive vapors and fungus. It for flexible and rigid printed circuit boards and electronics assemblies. Cured coating can be removed by cutting a small section and peeling the coating away from the surface, or by solvent immersion of the whole board. Meets IPC-CC-830B Class B. Contains a UV indicator for quality control inspection. Compliant with European RoHS and REACH directives and most other environmental standards.



Smart-Release nano layer stencil coating is said to reduce the frequency required for under-screen cleaning on the printer. Test results demonstrated that over 40 prints before cleaning can be reached, reportedly with no deterioration in print quality or bridging. Helps solder paste separate more easily from the stencil, with less contamination on the underside. Apertures and component edges are cleaner. Comes on all types of stencils, including laser cut, electroformed, NicAlloy, and chemically etched.

Photo Stencil,

SEC Conflict Mineral Compliance system permits companies to maintain trade secrets about products and raw materials while simultaneously providing supply chain traceability. Users can upload reporting templates such as EICC-GeSI and IPC templates to a central data set for regulatory risk assessments and compliance reporting.

  • Tracks conflict minerals in a supply chain
  • Comes as part of the Material Disclosure software line.


  • Manipulates data for SEC Dodd Frank reporting requirements
  • Includes regulatory assessments for REACH, RoHS, WEEE, EPA TSCA and California Prop 65
  • FactoryLogix MES suite supports all types of discrete manufacturing, from PCB assembly, to complex box-builds, large system integrations and high-speed consumer goods processing. Manages entire manufacturing information environment including product launch, material logistics, manufacturing execution, operations analytics and real-time dashboard systems. Ensures materials traceability, data fulfillment and visibility.


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