OE-200 SIR electrical test tool is designed for shop floor. Measures reliability in real-time.

Plug-n-play design allows users to test reliability as needed and compare it to historical test data. Problems are detected and reported immediately. Real-time analytics and report are delivered while a test is run; any deviations from preset acceptable ranges are communicated via text or email. Works in conjunction with an environmental temperature-humidity chamber and is designed for detecting, reporting and analyzing data. Provides information to assess electrical performance and features an eight-card slot fixture, each with four channels. Standard and customizable test cards replicate everyday components and devices used in assembly process. Delivers objective evidence required by IPC J-STD-001G, AM 1. Other benefits include unlimited defined test storage capacity, browser-driven software compatible with every WiFi device, and test data monitoring from anywhere that can connect to the internet.

Magnalytix OE 200



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