FREMONT, CA – Hyve Solutions Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of TD SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE: SNX) and a leading provider of hyperscale digital infrastructures, today announced the launch of new Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines that expand its US manufacturing capabilities. This expansion bolsters Hyve’s ongoing commitment in providing customers with a Secure Supply Chain through locally-optimized efficiencies and lead time reductions.

US manufacturing of secure root of trust (RoT) cards, security modules and other Trusted Platform devices, including main system boards, have become a strategic priority for the United States and its allies. Ensuring the security of the supply chain is critical for the public cloud and those who use it, particularly Federal Defense and Intelligence agencies and companies that require a high degree of supply chain security.

The new SMT lines are equipped with the latest automated technologies and inspection processes, allowing Hyve to produce custom-built, high-quality motherboards in the US while simultaneously reducing lead times associated with complex system boards. The combination of the newest, most efficient equipment coupled with the latest robotic and inspection automation results in increased PCBA capacity and reduced manufacturing cycle times, while maintaining a highly cost-competitive solution.

“Expanding our in-country manufacturing capabilities underscores our commitment to better serve our customers,” said Steve Ichinaga, President, Hyve Solutions. “This investment leads to increased production capacity and streamlined operations with a focus on secure supply chain, increasing our ability to respond more quickly to changing market and customer demands.”

As a fully vertical integrated partner, the new US-based SMT operation is just the latest in a series of investments made by Hyve, reinforcing its dedication to providing the best-in-class design to worldwide deployment of custom-built data centers.

“The opening of this SMT operation bolsters our Secure Supply Chain strategy,” said Sarah Lin, VP of Supply Chain, Hyve Solutions. “This investment in US-based fully automated lines tightens the supply chain and cuts lead times while providing best-in-class secure supply chain benefits to our customers.”

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