Terrell, Texas, USA – Conecsus’ SMT metals waste recycling solutions are perfectly aligned with our current troubled times, where smart conservation of materials and money are key elements of manufacturing business strategies, according to Tom Mitchell, Conecsus LLC’s North American Business Manager. “Our customized recycling programs and approach not only keeps our customers ‘greener’, but puts money back in their pockets as well, something especially important in these COVID-troubled times,” he says.

Conecsus LLC is an innovative metals recycling company that processes wastes containing primarily Tin, Tin-Zinc, Lead, Silver, Gold, and Copper, and converts them into usable metal products for sale into the global market. Conecsus pays the customer back in cash for the waste picked up.

“We’re an ISO 14001 EMS certified refiner of SMT solder/solder paste wastes, and our customized programs help customers manage their metals waste and put money back into their pockets that would otherwise have been lost. Paying to dispose of metals waste as hazardous waste is the old way of doing things; recycling metals waste is the new, greener way that makes environmental and economic sense.”

Conecsus uses patented, advanced recycling technologies to keep its customers compliant with local, state, and federal regulations while decreasing their carbon footprint and reportable waste streams, Mitchell adds, and offers in-house laboratory analytical capabilities that serve their customers directly. “We have the fairest and fastest payback of any metals waste recycler,” Mitchell adds. For more information, visit

About Conecsus

Founded in 1980, Conecsus, LLC is a sophisticated ‘green’ recycler and refiner of SMT solder/solder paste wastes and residues, as well as Tin, Tin-Zinc, Lead, Silver, Gold, and Copper from a variety of manufacturing industries. Located in Terrell, Texas, USA, Conecsus converts these wastes into usable metal products. Conecsus is certified to ISO 14001:2004. For more information, visit

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