NASHVILLE – February 2020 – MAGNALYTIX, providing real-time reliability solutions for electronics manufacturing, announced today that its Director Tom Forsythe will present at the 3rd Annual eSMART Factory Conference, scheduled to take place March 4-5, 2020 at the Comet Group Lab One facility in San Jose, CA. Forsythe will present “SMART Analytics – Monitoring and Controlling Manufacturing Variation in Respect to Cleanliness,” authored by Bobby Glidwell – Systems Engineering Manager, Jimmy Thorne – Systems Engineer, Anna Ailworth – Systems Engineer, and Mike Bixenman - CTO.

The presentation will discuss how all manufacturing processes result in residues on circuit assemblies in one form or the other. The residue condition can change due to component miniaturization, metallization; reflow parameters, rework, cleaning process conditions, and drift within the assembly line.

Process automation combined with machine learning reduces variability and enables the ability to produce highly dense electronics. Miniaturized components reduce the distance between conductors of opposite polarity. Assemblers using low-residue no-clean soldering materials must monitor automated processes to ensure residues left on the assembly are benign.

Monitoring cleanliness on high-speed assembly lines requires an electrical test method that produces real-time analytics. SMART Analytics ensures data capture and accuracy. SMART test instrumentation allows the assembler to dial in the process, characterize materials, and detects process drift. This simple to run instrumentation safeguards high-speed production, detects issues, eliminates human errors, and notifies process engineers when an out of spec condition occurs.

The eSMART Factory conference focuses on and addresses the full range of disruptive technologies in modern manufacturing, including supply chain systems, factory logistics, IIoT machine communication and associated Smart software, robotics and materials science. This is the ideal opportunity to experience and understand new disruptive technologies, hearing directly from the creators and leaders, so that your own business plans can be made with full insight of industry technology roadmap as a whole. For more information, visit

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