October 2014 cover



Shielding Effectiveness of Polyimide Tape During Rework

A study during which repeated measurements were taken of maximum outlying component temperatures during reflow proved Kapton tape is an inferior shielding material. But what beat it was a surprise.
by Adam Gaynor and Bob Wettermann

Advances in Fine-Pitch Printing Process Technology
Thinner stencils, smaller particle size solder paste and smaller apertures, whereby even aperture shape becomes a factor in volume fill, test the limits of the successful printing process. Achieving sufficient or acceptable paste volume fill of fine-feature apertures has become an issue. Comparative test results show how greater precision and motion control, closed-loop feedback systems, enclosed media printing, and machine vision are contributing to process improvemen.
by Isaiah Smith

ASM Takes Root in SMT

With two major acquisitions in a three-year span, including its just concluded takeover of DEK, ASM Pacific Technology is fashioning itself into a major player in electronics process equipment. Just don’t expect many changes, from the name on the door to even where the door is situated.
by Chelsey Drysdale

Solder Joint Integrity Test for Finding Latent Defects in PCBs
A new method to find latent defects uses a 4-wire small resistance measurement technique built into a flying-probe ICT to measure resistance between component leads and pads and check solder volume. Because solder volume is inversely proportional to the resistance in-between, the resistance measurement is a way to test solderability.
by Hiroshi Yamazaki







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