January 2011 cover


    Screen Printing
    Nano-Coatings for Stencils
    After reviewing several potential candidates for
    stencil fabrication and several potential crossover technologies, nanotechnology rose above all others. Lab tests reveal decreased print variation and question whether smoother surfaces show better paste release. Nano-coated stencils may offer a wider process window and aid process maintenance, but the longevity of such coatings must be reviewed.
    by Ricky Bennett, Ph.D.

    Placement Roundtable
    Vision Quest
    Are today’s component placement machine platforms sufficient for tomorrow’s technology? Under the auspices of SMTA and moderated by Circuits Assembly, the first-of-its-kind roundtable of pick-and-place OEMs set aside the gloves for a few hours and talked technology and markets. What we heard was unprecedented candor and consideration about the challenges for electronics manufacturers today and tomorrow, including flip chips, on-board inspection and (really, really small!) packages of the future.
    by Mike Buetow





  • ROI
    New year, same challenges.
    Peter Bigelow


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