June 2010 cover


Cover Story
The Year of Staying Employed
The aging (graying, some say) of the printed circuit board design field continues, or so says our annual survey of the industry. What 400 designers have to say about their chances for survival in the era of automation and outsourcing. by Chelsey Drysdale

    • Faked Parts Detection
      New Techniques to ID Counterfeit ICs
      The counterfeiting of electronics components and related parts is widespread. But newly developed methods promise now to help identify counterfeit plastic-encapsulated components using detection methods that cannot be tricked. By by Dr. Lawrence W. Kessler and Thomas Sharpe



          Ride with Jeff.

      Mike Buetow
        • Database
          One designer’s winning pitch.
          Pete Waddell


        • ROI
          Competency confusion.

          Peter Bigelow

        • Focus on Business

          A collaborative manufacturing template.


      Susan Mucha



        • Final Finishes

          No masking these changes.


      Lenora Toscano


        • Screen Printing

          Keep the printer running.


      Clive Ashmore


        • Tech Tips

          Conformal coating processes.


      ACI Technologies Inc.


          South beats East.


      Tan Beng Chye


        • Getting Lean

          Knowing the metrics.


      Ryan Wooten




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