May 2010 cover


  • Vapor Phase Rework
High Thermal Mass, Very High Lead Count SMT Connector Rework Process
Rigorous testing found local vapor phase clearly superior to alternative processes.
by Jim Bielick, Brian Chapman, Mitchell Ferrill, Michael Fisher, Phil Isaacs, Eddie Kobeda and Theron Lewis
  • Apex Recap
New Year, New Outlook
An uptick in attendance on the floor overshadowed a lack of innovations in the booths.
By Mike Buetow and Chelsey Drysdale





  • Caveat Lector

EMS hot for LED.

Mike Buetow

  • Talking Heads

FHP Reps’ Keith Favre.

Mike Buetow

  • Database

Sayonara, electronics engineering?

Pete Waddell



  • Sherman’s Market

Printed electronics: process revolution?

Randall Sherman

Bad grades.

Peter Bigelow


  • On the Forefront

Inside the iPad.

E. Jan Vardaman

  • Screen Printing

Post-print inspection.

Dr. Rita Mohanty

  • Selective Soldering

Hot solder dip: back in vogue.

Al Cable

  • Tech Tips

Implementing a reflow process.

ACI Technologies Inc.

  • Wave Soldering Troubleshooting

Solder flooding.

Paul Lotosky

  • Solar Technologies

Toward grid parity.

Darren Brown


  • Technical Abstracts
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