Circuits Assembly August 2009 cover


  • Cover Story
    Preventing MLCC Failures
    Mechanical anomalies can cause electrical failure in MLCCs. Many defects - including cracks caused by panel separation - can be uncovered by first performing acoustic imaging on unassembled parts.
    By Tom Adams

  • Reflow Profiling
    Oven Adjustment Effects on a Solder Reflow Profile
    A recipe that works for one board won't necessarily work for another board if the weight or design is significantly different. This study found that of the three oven adjustments, zone set points have the biggest effect on peak temperature and TAL.
    By Fred Dimock

  • Cover Story
    More than Just a Look
    SPI market leader Koh Young is shrugging off the recession and taking Europe head on. Circuits Assembly visits the OEM to learn why now, and to get an in-depth look at its new 3-D AOI machine.
    By Mike Buetow


  • Caveat Lector
    The estimable legacy of iNEMI CEO Jim McElroy.
    Mike Buetow




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On the Cover:An acoustic image of an MLCC containing a single void.

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