Circuits Assembly October 2009 cover




  • Screen Printing
    Combining clamping and snugging in a single board handling method.
    Clive Ashmore
  • Reflow Soldering
    Larger pads and better PCB layout will reduce strain.
    Ursula Marquez de Tino, Ph.D. and Brian Roggeman
  • Wave Soldering Troubleshooting
    If solder isn’t reaching the components, check these areas.
    Paul Lotosky
  • The Defects Database
    What look like open BGA joints might be tricks of the light.
    Dr. Davide Di Maio
  • Process Doctor
    Chemistry cleaning trials should be conducted prior to equipment selection.
    Harald Wack, Ph.D.
  • Tech Tips
    Special software permits factory floor adjustments, potentially saving capital investments.
    ACI Technologies Inc.
  • Test and Inspection
    Five ICT tools for limited access testing.
    Andrew Tek
  • Solar Technologies
    The two primary ways need more repeatable accuracy.
    Darren Brown
  • Technical Abstracts
    In case you missed it.



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