November 2007 cover


  • RoHS Transition
    Pb-Free Manufacturing from a Tier III EMS Perspective
    The Pb-free transition was daunting even for larger EMS firms, but had a major impact on smaller firms that lacked abundant engineering resources. How did we do it and how has the process matured? Here’s how one company made the switch.
    Greg Caswell

  • Standards Development
    ‘Living Documents, Subject to Change’
    The origins – and future – of standards, the foundation of electronics manufacturing.
    Michael L. Martell

  • Reflow Soldering
    Creating Ideal Solder Joints
    Reflow soldering is a superset of an accurate thermal profile. A poorly devised profile can have devastating (read: expensive) repercussions. Same goes for the stencil.
    Zulki Khan

  • Cover Story
    An Alternative Drying Process for MSDs
    Components baked at 70°C for 24 hr. in a vacuum passed IPC and EIA testing.
    Charles S. Leech Jr.

  • SEAs 2007
    ‘Customer Satisfaction is More than a Score’
    For five-time SEA winner DEK, it’s about continuous improvement, not the highest scores.
    Chelsey Drysdale

  • iNEMI Roadmap
    Optoelectronic Substrates: Will They Happen?
    Optoelectronic interconnects can provide increased bandwidth and other advantages for special applications over copper, but implementation has fizzled. What changes need to occur to make this mainstream?
    Jack Fisher





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On the cover: A novel solution to component moisture problems. (Photos by Kuzma and Li Kim)

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