December 2007 cover


  • COB for SMT
    Metalization Options for COB Assembly
    How they produce different metallurgical interactions with the various die pad and substrate metalizations, the resulting intermetallic structures and growth, and how they impact reliability and cost.
    Mukul Luthra

  • Solder Materials
    A Test Comparison of SAC and Non-SAC Pb-Free Solders
    SAC 305 is the de facto Pb-free solder, but many industry tests have failed to take non-SAC alloys into consideration, nor have tests been performed for any other soldering process (such as wave or selective soldering).
    Howard P. Stevens

  • Cover Story
    An A-to-Z Guide to X-Ray Inspection
    X-ray inspection is a way to inspect solder joints and locations in a nondestructive manner with products that cannot be inspected optically, such as BGAs and CSPs. It can also be used to investigate the wire attachment quality within semiconductor device packages and certain SMT components. More recently, x-ray techniques have been used for production quality and process control.
    Dr. David Bernard

  • SEAs 2007
    BEST: A ‘Funky Chicken’ with an EMS Niche
    How the 2007 SEA winner for rework and repair uses the customer service survey feedback to identify trends in areas that may need improvement and determine areas of strength.
    Chelsey Drysdale





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On the cover: Understanding 2-D x-ray inspection. (Photo courtesy Dage Precision Industries)

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