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  • Cover Story
    Surface Oxidation as a Tin Whisker Growth Mechanism
    This study found that oxidation of tin coatings accelerates whisker formation. This may be related to a change in the state of stress in the surface. Moreover, a little bit of humidity can go a long way toward increasing the rate of whisker growth.
    W. John Wolfgong, Ph.D., Bob Ogden, Robert Champaign and Barbara Waller

  • Dispensing
    Gauging True Speed and Accuracy
    Accuracy specifications rarely give a solid feel for what platforms are capable of or how tests are run. Proposed: new standards for measuring throughput based on production floor environments.
    Hugh Read

  • Pb-Free Transition
    Switching to Pb-Free: Reflow Soldering
    Unlike wave soldering systems, which directly contact Pb-free solder alloys, changing reflow, selective soldering and hand soldering equipment is easier. But it is not necessarily easy.
    Markus Walter

  • Antenna Materials
    Novel Conductive Inks for Smart Label Applications
    A new family of highly conductive silver inks for smart card and label antennas achieve significantly better and more stable electrical performance, using lower antenna profiles.
    Paul Berry, Marjorie Dwane, Greg Butch and Denley Baghurst

  • Equipment Sourcing
    Purchasing Manufacturing Process Equipment
    One man's hypotheses on the procurement process, and why buyers are not only purchasing the equipment but the supplier.
    Joe Belmonte





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On the cover: Tin whiskers protruding from a tin-plated surface. (Photo courtesy Raytheon)

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