November 2005 cover


  • IR Rework
    A Novel IR Rework System
    Lead-free raises the reworked board temperature – and increases risk of frying other parts. Dynamic temperature control and sensors help manage the heat.
    Mark Cannon

  • Cover Story
    Mixed Technology Gets Selective
    Through-hole is still a fundamental processing step – most boards today mix SMT and PTH technology. Selective and fountain soldering can reduce skips and opens over traditional wave processes. Here's a primer.
    Scott Buttars

  • Academic Research
    Program for Calculation of Flip-Chip Standoff Height
    A simple Visual Basic file easily calculates bump heights and predicts flip-chip standoff gaps.
    Joshua Ampofo, Richard LaBennett, S. Akwaboa and Dr. F. Ferguson

  • Pb-Free Transition
    Switching to Pb-Free: Wave Soldering
    How to adjust conveyors, pots, preheaters and solder modules for Pb-free processes.
    Markus Walter

  • AOI
    Zero-Defect IC Inspection
    What role does camera view play in catching potential defects? The advantages and disadvantages of inspections performed with orthogonal and inclined cameras.
    Peter Krippner

  • Backend Processes
    0.1 Cent RFID Chip Assembly?
    While the world argues over the "nickel tag," the pursuit is on for technologies that would slash manufacturing costs.
    Hugo Pristauz





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On the cover: Selective soldering is gaining momentum for PTH processing. (Photo courtesy Juki Automation Systems)

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