TAIPEI – Foxconn might move some certain production to Taiwan from China, according to reports, although the circumstances behind such a move are unclear.

According to an interview with chairman Terry Gou published in CommonWealth Magazine, the ODM/EMS will relocate capacity from Shenzhen and Tianjin to Kaohsiung, to lessen the impact of trade tariffs between the US and China.

However, other reports say such a move would be predicated on the Chinese government's motives.

"If Beijing later threatens to close down my factories after I become Taiwanese president, and says I can't talk to them as a peer in a respectful way … I will tell them to just give me a couple of months and I will move my production sites to more competitive places in the world,” he said at a press conference this week.

Gou's position on China, where Foxconn has the majority of its capacity and employees, is under close scruntiny since he  announced plans to run for president in Taiwan.

CommonWealth also reported Gou as saying Foxconn is “rearranging” its supply chains in North America.

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