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Reliability that Sticks: Thermal Adhesive Films Offer Outstanding Performance in Easy-­to-Use Format

by Art Ackerman and Jason Brandi, Henkel Electronic Materials

Abstract: When considering which thermal management materials are the right products for the task, top-­of-­mind are usually greases, pastes or pads. Are they always the best solution, though, or just the most well-­-known? For certain applications, there’s one class of materials that may be more suitable than any of the more common thermal management products. In fact, these materials may be the only solution in some cases. We're talking about thermal adhesive films (often referred to as assembly adhesive films) and their advantages are many, especially when there is a requirement for bonding large areas or complex parts together.

Though thermal adhesive films are most often found in the defense and automotive markets, the advantages they deliver can extend to any application where robust thermal and electrical performance, voide-free bond lines and controlled thicknesses are required. For certain products, thermal adhesive films are quite simply the only thermal management solution.


June 12, 2012


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