MOLETAI, LITHUANIA – Electronics manufacturer Teltonika began construction on its technology center here, expected to be completed in the last quarter of 2022, according to reports. The firm is investing €34 million (US$38.6 million) on the project.

The building will house administrative and product development offices, as well as laboratories, testing and production lines.

Telemedicine devices, such as artificial lung ventilators and smart bracelets with atrial fibrillation detection, will be designed and developed at the site. Staff will also work on high-tech networking equipment for energy, smart city, transportation and retail industries.

At first, we will produce 4G and 5G mobile routers here, but we also have plans for EV charging stations and telemedicine devices,” said Teltonika IoT Group president Arvydas Paukštys. “And if we can find enough programmers and electronics engineers, then a new business niche could be born here.

“This project will create the highest value for the residents of Molėtai district, who will find good working conditions and wages equivalent to those in Vilnius. I believe 500 new jobs will be a strong incentive for Molėtai to renew itself and for young people to build their lives here. We hope for more businesses to emerge, and it is our wish to help the district grow its population.”

Thirteen specialists, including electronics assemblers-packers, project preparation operators, warehouse and internal logistics coordinators, selective soldering operators and electronics testers, are the first employees of Teltonika Technology Centre.

"I hope we will implement the project in full and fulfill the investment of €34 million. I also hope that within two years, we can find 500 employees who will develop and manufacture IoT products.”


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