COHOES, NY – PVA received a patent for its optical bonding software in Europe. The patent is for the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Portugal and Spain.

“This software feature, combined with PVA’s fluid flow vision, enables the rapid setup of a critical assembly step for new bonding processes,” said Jon Urquhart, director of applications engineering.  “PVA's focus on these types of software and hardware tools shows our commitment to developing technology to reduce setup times and take the guesswork out of process and application development for the growing display bonding market.”

The optical bonding software provides a system that alleviates the guesswork of creating perfect bond sequences from scratch, the firm says.

With this patented feature, the user is able to have control over the sequence of events (speeds, distances, dwells, etc.) during the final physical mating of the two substrates (e.g., glass to screen) on an actual part in production. Using a button and visual feedback on-screen, the user creates a live bond sequence while the machine is simultaneously learning and recording everything in the background.

After the bond sequence has been completed, control is automatically handed back to the machine to finish the rest of the bonding process. This “learned” bond sequence is then stored and can be recalled or modified.

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