PENANG – Frencken Group has temporarily closed all its factories in Malaysia to adhere to a nationwide government order for all business premises to close Mar. 18-31, except those providing essential services.

In Singapore, the EMS firm has arranged accommodations for a small group of Malaysian employees who work at the Changi factory. As such, Frencken Group does not foresee the order having an impact on its Singapore manufacturing operations.

The temporary closure of the factories in Malaysia for two weeks is not expected to affect the group’s customers in other markets, as they will continue to be served by its factories in Asia, Europe and the US.

In China, factories in Wuxi, Chuzhou, Tianjin and Zhuhai (Jinding and Nanshui), have resumed normal operations and are fulfilling orders. Normal operations are also continuing at factories in the Netherlands, the US, Switzerland, Singapore, India and Thailand.

As the Covid-19 situation around the world continues to evolve, the company will monitor the situation and shall keep shareholders apprised of any material developments as they arise.


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