BANNOCKBURN, IL – IPC has released a new standard outlining the capabilities and limits of low-pressure molding with thermoplastics.

IPC-7621, “Guideline for Design, Material Selection and General Application of Encapsulation of Electronic Circuit Assembly by Low Pressure Molding with Thermoplastics,” covers  low pressure molded thermoplastic, e.g., polyamide, which is brought to a liquid state and injection molded and (rather quickly) returned to a temperature below its melting point, forming a durable yet pliable form.

The purpose of the new handbook is to assist in the selection of or application of encapsulation. IPC-7621 provides guidelines for design, material selection, and application specifically as it pertains to electronic components and printed board assembly by LPM with thermoplastics.

The document’s acceptability criteria were chosen with the intent that the printed board assemblies would not be seen by the end-user.

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