P Series benchtop XRF measurement system is capable of testing a variety of sample sizes or multiple locations per new lot of material.

Performs coating analysis, solution analysis and element analysis. Simultaneously identifies elements (Al13 through U92 on the periodic table) in each of up to five coating layers, with precision and speed. Is for high-throughput test environments. Standard system configurations include four-position collimator assembly, variable focus camera for applications with recessed areas, extended-life micro-focus x-ray tube and solid state PIN detector. Detector has well-defined element peaks, eliminating need for secondary filters. Minimal peak position drift for stability over time and longer intervals between recalibrations. SDD detector also available. Extended programmable x-y axis is suitable for measuring small features, or parts such as fasteners, connectors and PCBs. Table size is 25" x 25"; travel is 10" x 10".




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