RV series 4-axis automated dispensing system features DispenseMotion software and integrated CCD smart vision camera for fluid placement accuracy and control at any angle along the 360° rotational plane.

Vision-guided dispensing robots use fiducial marks to automatically dispense program and compensate for slight shifts in workpiece orientation or location. Compares current workpiece location to reference location stored as an image file. If robot detects difference in X and Y positions and/or angle of rotation of workpiece, automatically adjusts dispensing path. RV series software features setup wizard that simplifies dispense tip-to-camera and dispense tip-to-workpiece offsets. CCD camera captures high-def images for on-screen preview and confirmation of dispensing path. Delivers positional repeatability at +/- 0.008mm.

Nordson EFD

 NordsonEFD RVSeries web

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