SC-CP500-2 pallet cleaner selectable cleaning system comes in five unit sizes, from the single unit device up to a completely automatic cleaning system.

Modular design allows individual adjustment to the required cleaning process. Retrofitting of additional modules for changing cleaning demands. All modules (ultrasonic, rinsing and drying) are fitted with LCD display – easy intuitive menu navigation. Display indication of all actual set values. Five programs can be saved. Additional features include:

  • Multi-frequency technology (28/40 or 40/130KHz) for virtually every cleaning task in the range of aqueous cleaning.
  • Pulse mode for added power to be applied for difficult cleaning tasks o Sweep mode for uniform sound field distribution
  • De-gas mode for quickly removing unwanted bubbles from liquid
  • Oscillation system integrated into the support frame (optional) for an accelerated removal of dirt particles in the cleaning bath (including basket drip-off position).
  • Optional peripheral units, such as pump filter, oil separator and pure water unit.
  • Easy to maintain through complete exchange of generator / operational panel.
  • Self-adjusting generator reduces idle phases of the system to a minimum.


Seika Machinery

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