FactoryLogix 2017.1 MES software includes batch-to-batch dependencies.

Site-to-site portability enables transfer of production processes and accompanying documentation from one factory to another. Engineer-to-order (ETO) develops fully managed process exceptions with conformance management, including product tracking, material and process traceability, provision of documentation, etc.  By leveraging the ability to create on-demand production operations, flows and instructions for units that travel outside the main process, manufacturers can support personalization/customization, mitigate process disruptions, improve quality, and reduce costs. Delivers more barcode and keyboard shortcuts to frequently used functions and supports voice control. Includes out-of-the-box AS9100 reports, preconfigured eDHR reports for medical applications, and real-time statistical process control dashboards. Provices real-time industrial IoT. Features more plug-and-play connectors in library.

Aegis Industrial Software


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