BMP-4 board marker probe is for installation on bare board or loaded board test fixtures.

Is reportedly easy to fixture and facilitates simple scribe tip replacement. The 10mm diameter permits fine-pitch probe placement. Is fully adjustable in z-direction. Endures 50,000 cycles before tip replacement. Scribes a permanent circle on every "passed" PCB or device tested. Boards that fail the test are not marked. When activated, spring-loaded scribe tip contacts PCB surface. The 12V DC motor rotates scribe in a counterclockwise direction and leaves a 0.050" (1.27 mm) circle mark on PCB. Probe requires less than 0.400" (10 mm) of fixture area when mounted into a threaded hole. Designed to mark board areas comprised of bare glass (FR-4), solder mask over glass, copper, or bare tinned copper. Features full length threaded housing. Spare tip replacement assemblies are available.



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