4K ultra HD digital microscopes U10 and U10s have HD (4K) resolution of 3840 x 2160.

U10 is an all-in-one plug-and-play system with integrated aluminum stand and built-in adjustable white LED illumination. U10s is a standalone, configurable system with variety of mounting options. Can select Boom type, XY-type or articulated arm stands. Both systems are built to be rugged and designed for the industrial environment. Offer 10:1 zoom optics with auto-focus, a large working distance, large aperture optics and sensitive image sensor. Camera can be switched between UHD 4K 30fps for inspection of fine detail and Full HD 60fps for lag-free magnified working. Provide 230mm working distance. Basic parameters, including zoom, brightness and color levels, can be controlled through on-board buttons on top of the device. An optional built-in laser pointer aims at the area of interest and assists in locating it on the screen. Accessories available include X-Y table, tilt table, and telescopic height adjust table for fixed stands. Diopter Macro lenses can be added to magnify up to 50x.

Inspectis AB

Inspectis 4K


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