BANNOCKBURN, IL – May rigid PCB shipments at North American fabricators fell 14.8%, while bookings dropped 12.2% from last year, according to the latest data from IPC.

The combined book-to-bill ratio remained just above parity at 1.01.

Shipments of all PCB types fell 14.5% compared to last year, and orders decreased 11.2%. Year to date, shipments are down 10.3%, and bookings are off 15.6%.  Compared to the previous month, combined industry shipments are up 7.2%, and bookings are up 1.9%.

The book-to-bill for rigid PCBs dipped to 0.98. That means that for every $100 worth of boards sold, $98 worth were ordered. IPC says the ratio indicates rigid PCB sales over the next two to three months will likely continue at roughly the same level as in the first half of the year. 

Year to date, rigid PCB shipments are down 10.9%, and bookings are down 17.7%.  Sequentially, rigid shipments rose 6.7% and bookings increased 2.1%. 

Flex circuit demand is on the rise, as the book-to-bill climbed to 1.32 in May. Shipments were down 10.1%, but bookings rose 2.9% year-over-year.

Year to date, flexible circuit shipments are up 0.7%, and bookings are up 23.8%. Shipments increased 15.7% over April, while bookings fell 0.4%.
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