ESPOO, FINLANDNokia announced it has filed patent counter assertions against Qualcomm for its infringement of six Nokia implementation patents used in Qualcomm GSM/WCDMA and CDMA2000 chipsets. In April, Qualcomm filed a lawsuit in the same Western District of Wisconsin against Nokia.
Nokia says its products do not infringe either of the two Qualcomm patents-in-suit and asserts both patents are invalid.
In previous litigation filings, Qualcomm has sought injunctions against Nokia. Therefore, Nokia is seeking damages and also an injunction against Qualcomm's infringing chipsets.

The implementation patents cited in the Nokia counterclaim relate primarily to multi-band/multi-mode technologies that allow seamless and transparent roaming for consumers, and direct conversion technologies that reduce handset and chipset size, cost and power consumption.
Nokia states Qualcomm has copied these innovations and made them available to its chipset customers.
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